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And the power of the storm was unleashed. Angered by the challenger who challenged me. Tyranitar single-handedly wrecked havoc amongst Challenger Kayla’s team. Tyranitar’s storm brew’d a terrifying omen which flowed throughout the battle-field, empowering my team where Kayla’s team slowly felt it weakening them. Slowly as each turn finshed both our pokemon fell and until the final showdown between the strongest pokemon and two terrified pokemons who watched their team members get shot down one by one. Interestingly it all came down to the RNG gods

Here is the video between
Gym Leader Kayn Vs Challenger Kayla


1:52 - 6%



Leader Pyro VS. Challenger Tajzhai


This battle I got bodied. Not too much to this battle except a COMPLETE smackdown. All I can really say is…YOU HAD ONE JOB ROTOM! ONE JOB!

1:52 - 7%


Elite Four Oscar vs Challenger Joshua

Not much to say about this battle, it was intense to the very end. There was crits, clutch 1HP survives and burns… and a Slowbro. 

Battle Code: 



1:51 - 2%

FULL ART DEOXYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17:53 - 1%

im missing my cutie

15:44 - 0%
14:04 - 95911%
14:03 - 10100%
14:03 - 70%


I had a fucking HUGE grin on my face the whole time. HE is Sonic, nobody else.

Now lemme go cry my fanboy tears.

14:01 - 834%


if i was bisexual i would use this line all the time

13:58 - 30552%